Investing in UIndy and our community


Bricks and mortar are compelling: new buildings bring dramatic changes to the landscape and make complex ideas more accessible. Hence the cover image of the UIndy Health Pavilion. We broke ground for the structure on June 19.But what’s actually groundbreaking is in the way this building is a marriage of who we are with what we do.

The UIndy Health Pavilion will maximize our strengths and build on the ethos that has caused us to flourish over the past century and more. That ethos is one of powerful faculty-student relationships, commitment to engaged learning, and dedication to community. The center will enable our health-related programs to collaborate through multidisciplinary teaching, learning, and practice, and to team the University with healthcare organizations to provide direct patient care, student clinical experiences, and opportunities for research.

Yet the health center is only one of a number of dramatic improvements resulting from our strategic planning. Some improvements are already happening. Some are coming in the very near future, and still others will come to fruition in the next decade or so. You’ll be able to read about many of them in these pages and at

This first phase of improvements represents a $50-million investment—an investment in our future and in our community. All of them speak to who we are as an institution. All of them will help to ensure that our students and alumni are prepared for productive lives and careers and are contributing in dramatic and significant ways to our city, state, and beyond.

—Robert L. Manuel, University of Indianapolis President


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