Pillar of the community


Strategic planning initiative addresses UIndy in the context of its role in both the city and state

Alumni-meetings-302Claiming our anchor status

Now in its 111th year, the University of Indianapolis is one of the city’s oldest institutions. And it has grown dramatically over the years to become an important community anchor
on the southeast side. A few examples:

—Today, the University employs nearly 1,000 people, making it one of the densest employment clusters on the south side of Marion County.

—With average salary and benefits per employee of $53,670, UIndy is providing higher-wage jobs that support the region’s and the state’s goal of increasing median income.

—The University of Indianapolis spends $36.5 million on goods and services. Of this, $23.1 million, 63 percent of dollars spent, stays in Marion County.

—With an additional $4 million spent statewide, more than 74 percent of UIndy spending stays in Indiana.

—UIndy devotes more than $30 million to financial aid to make college more affordable to students—more than 40 percent representing the first generation in their families to attend college. Through its degree programs UIndy is preparing young adults for high-skill careers, and, by developing new academic programs, it is helping older workers retool to meet Indiana employers’ emerging needs.

—UIndy’s Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center and Division II athletics programs draw thousands of individuals to campus each year.

—The University of Indianapolis is fifth in the number of doctoral graduates produced in Indiana and is the largest producer of physical therapists, occupational therapists, and clinical psychologists in the state.

“We must begin to see ourselves as an anchor institution,” President Manuel says, “and leverage our strengths in ways that will enable the University to reach a new level of excellence, and our community to grow into a vibrant destination for cultural, sports, and civic activity.”