‘A new chapter in our history’


President-Dr.-Manuel-100During the 2012–13 academic year, the University of Indianapolis engaged in a strategic planning process, dubbed Vision 2030, that involved more than 1,600 individuals through conversations, meetings, retreats, a survey relating to space needs, and even an “imagination wall” that garnered 350 scribbled suggestions. To maintain transparency, we developed a website—www.uindy.edu/vision—to which we posted notes and photos of the activity.

Thousands of ideas were voiced, and common themes emerged. We have since moved from our list of more than 5,500 ideas to the development of priorities and goals, identification of initiatives to help us achieve those priorities and goals, metrics that will reveal whether we have been successful, and a possible timeline for implementation. Our mission, history, and traditions remained central to the strategic planning process and are evident in the proposed initiatives. Any progress we hope to make must be tied to those very qualities that have animated our University for 111 years, and that are underscored by our relationship to the United Methodist Church.

We will embark on a new chapter in our history, and we will do so by embracing our past and building on our strengths. The planning process emphasized thinking ahead to the year 2030—when children born today will be of college age—but our strategic plan is focused on the next decade. We have immediate needs to address in the next three years and larger goals to accomplish before the decade is out, yet we will always be poised to adjust or respond to opportunities that arise. I hope you’ll enjoy this compendium of some of the highlights of UIndy’s academic year.

—Robert L. Manuel, University of Indianapolis President