Ruschman brings professional gallery skills to UIndy


Adjunct faculty member Mark Ruschman increased his involvement with the UIndy Department of Art & Design in 2011–12, taking on the position of coordinator of the Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center Gallery.

Ruschman has long been active in the Indianapolis art scene, having owned downtown’s Ruschman Gallery until 2009. Now, however, his focus is to present the best possible shows at UIndy and help students learn the ropes of gallery management along the way.

“The gallery gives me a unique opportunity to curate shows and work with artists, and the focus is not sales,” Ruschman says. “It’s all about serving the students, serving the public at large, and putting on the best possible show I can in the gallery setting.”

Ruschman works to teach UIndy students the tricks of gallery management with his Gallery Studies course. Students learn the practicalities of the professional art industry in another Ruschman course, entitled Business and Practice of Art.