Hanna makeover is complete


A two-year, $7.5-million city project to upgrade Hanna Avenue, the east/west artery that passes through the University campus, is now complete. UIndy contributed an additional $1.8 million to the project, primarily for landscaping and rerouting of power lines between Shelby Street and State Avenue.

Safety + beauty

The project widened the roadway between U.S. 31/East Street and Carson Avenue and added landscaping. The changes were designed to slow traffic, protect pedestrians, and add visual appeal. A wide, landscaped median was added to provide a place for pedestrians to pause as they cross the road. Street lighting like that found elsewhere on campus graces the new median and both sides of the street. Gently curving sidewalks, plus trees, bushes, and flowers, complement the avenue, and entrances and exits to campus from Hanna were simplified.

Hanna Avenue now features a wide median with decorative lighting and planters. But please: no picnicking.