A site for sore eyes


UIndy’s website is sporting a new look—and many other improvements to boot. The goal was simple: create a website that puts UIndy’s best foot forward and makes finding information very easy.

An organization’s website has become its most important communication tool, and web visitors want to find information quickly. On UIndy’s new website, navigation menus and site structure were designed to facilitate task completion.

The home page now has tabs dedicated to specific audiences: Future Students, Parents and Family, Alumni, and Friends and Visitors. Each tab provides content relevant to that audience. In addition to the new audience navigation, there are menus across the top of each page to help prospective students and other visitors locate specific information easily, such as a list of majors and details on financial aid, athletics, arts, or charitable gifts. The new website was developed by Rare Bird, an Indianapolis firm.

Visit www.uindy.edu to view the new site. For up-to-date news about the University, visit http://news.uindy.edu/news/.