New Tech by the Numbers


CELL takes the initiative on education reform

New initiatives: 2010–14

  • Alternative High School Network. Uses research-based methods and problem-based learning to establish alternative paths to high school graduation.
  • Business and Education Connections. Creates alliances between business and education leaders to address school challenges.
  • International High School Network. Connects Indiana schools and students to the world through global studies, language, and technology.
  • Learning Sciences Master’s Degree. Develops a content-area master’s program that gives teachers in-depth knowledge and stronger understanding of how students learn.
  • Middle School Network. Emphasizes the transition between elementary and middle school, and between middle school and high school, through curriculum, instruction, and student development.
  • School Consultation Services. Supports change through research, strategic planning, resource development, and policy revision.
  • Leadership & Instructional Professional Development. Addresses educator needs through research, resources, education, and motivation.


Ongoing CELL initiatives: 2008–14

  • Early College High School. Helps first-generation, minority, and socioeconomically disadvantaged students complete rigorous college-level courses, earning them both a high school diploma and college credits.
  • High School-to-College Transition. Reduces barriers to college through policy review of three transition programs: Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and dual high school/college credit courses.
  • Indiana Education Transformation Conference. Shares innovation, fosters communication, and promotes progressive thinking and leadership for improved education and economic development.
  • iLEAD Principal Preparation Program. Equips new school leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to address the complex realities of today’s K-12 schools.
  • New Technology High School. Implements project-based learning and technology as real-world tools for student engagement and development of 21st-century skills.
  • Research & Evaluation. Examines teaching methods, school models, and instructional practices to support data-driven decision-making in schools.


The New Tech state of affairs

CELL leads Indiana; Indiana leads nation


New Technology High Schools to launch in 2010 —more than any other state


New Technology High Schools now open in Indiana—more than any other state


Distinguished Teachers—more than any other state


National New Tech Network demonstration sites—more than any other state