Putting the ‘lodge’ in lodgings


The University’s enrollment numbers have been climbing steadily for some two decades. Enrollment, which has more than doubled since 1990, reached the 5,000 mark last fall, a strategic planning target that was reached well ahead of schedule.

Such growth creates a need for larger and better facilities, including those for campus living. East Hall, a lodge-inspired residence hall with more than 150 single-occupant rooms (below), was completed last fall and has proved hugely popular with students. Its amenities, many of which were suggested by the students themselves, include lobbies with fireplaces, stone accents, and full kitchens.

The new residence hall follows on the heels of last year’s student center expansion and renovation. And a major, two-year project is well under way and scheduled for completion next summer: a safer, more attractive Hanna Avenue, which passes through campus.