Play ‘misty’ for me


No, it’s not a shot to the nose. Inhalable mists may be painless, but let’s face it—it’s hard not to make a face.

As the feared H1N1 strain of influenza spread across the nation last year, the Marion County Health Department announced a goal of vaccinating all schoolchildren in the community.

Aside from having to wait for the sought-after vaccine to arrive, health officials faced another dilemma: how, with limited staffing, to administer it to tens of thousands of kids in a timely fashion.

Enter the UIndy School of Nursing, which assembled a small army of volunteers and was charged with overseeing the vaccination program in the Metropolitan School District of Perry Township, with its 11 elementary schools and six secondary schools.

Using both injections and inhalable mist, 22 UIndy faculty members and more than 50 nursing students vaccinated approximately 6,300 students in grades K–12.