Hitting the numbers


Welcome to our third issue of 1400, a year-in-review that helps us tell the story of the University of Indianapolis and its extensive impact on our city and state.

Workforce development, consultation, research, and service—not to mention cultural offerings—are among the many ways UIndy touches the community, both immediate and extended. You will see examples of each in these pages, including our exciting new connection with the 2012 Super Bowl.

Yet there is perhaps no contribution greater than educating highly qualified professionals who stay in Indiana after receiving their diplomas, as three-fourths of our graduates do.

The 2009–10 academic year was a milestone for UIndy in that we reached the 5,000-student mark for the first time, two years ahead of our Strategic Plan projections. Not coincidentally, we also dedicated our sixth residence hall, which filled up a few hours after registration opened. Of our 3,000 traditional-age undergraduate students, more than half—and a full 84 percent of our freshmen—live on campus, a number that continues to grow each year.

Our 2006–11 Strategic Plan has three broad goals: (1) focus on student learning through engagement; (2) strengthen and expand the learning community for students; and (3) expand the impact of the University beyond its physical boundaries.

The past academic year brimmed with seemingly countless activities that advanced our goals and marked important milestones, such as the 50th anniversary of the School of Nursing. Yet even as we pay attention to the numbers that help gauge our success, it’s providing our students with the best
education possible that remains at the heart of all we do. As you read about some of the year’s activities here, it will become apparent that even though UIndy’s physical location is here at 1400 East Hanna Avenue (the number providing the name of this publication), our influence extends far beyond.

—Beverley Pitts, University President